Nadia Oussenko is a Chicago-based choreographer, filmmaker, photographer, and educator. She has been combining her training in choreography and interest in film since 2004. Oussenko has had her works featured nationally and internationally, and she has collaborated with a number of Chicago artists. She holds an MFA in Dance at the University of Illinois.

"My artistry comes together in dance for the camera. I am fascinated with movement within the camera frame, and the relationship that the moving subject has with a moving camera. I am mesmerized by jump cuts in music videos, or the manner in which a fight scene in a movie is edited to heighten the impact of a punch. My movement and film research lies in trying to get closer to the actual sensation of movement initiated by the breath and resulting in twisting, reaching, falling, dropping, bouncing, swinging, and flying amidst a subtle array of stillness and gesture. Using the medium of film, I provide a visceral experience for the viewers, direct the viewers' attention and draw them into closer proximity and greater intimacy with the dancing body."

-Nadia Oussenko